CIS Tax Calculator

As a contractor under the CIS scheme you are required to complete a tax return each year. The CIS Tax rebate calculator will give you an indication as to how much you could get back.

All contractors under the CIS scheme will pay a maximum amount of tax and then need to claim back the overpaid tax from HMRC. Completing a tax return can be complicated and how do you really know that you are claiming the maximum amount of tax back?

Using the CIS Tax Rebate Calculator

  1. Input your gross pay
  2. Input the total value of expenses incurred
  3. Enter the amount of tax you have paid
  4. Hit the ‘Calculate’ button
  5. The potential rebate will be revealed
  6. Call us to find out how to get your potential rebate

By following the simple instructions you can find out an approximate value of your tax refund, but to get an exact amount you can call us. We will work out how to claim as much of your money back as possible. In most cases the refunds we get are substantial.

HMRC owe you money

The CIS scheme insists that you pay your tax bills up front. The CIS Tax rebate calculator is the first step to getting you a refund from HMRC. At U-Tax we will achieve your maximum refund by using years of experience and knowledge, and assisting thousands of CIS contractors.
Our Accountants will complete all of the necessary forms and liaise with HMRC (where necessary) to get your claim completed. They are on hand to lend you their experience to give you an advantage.

If you want to achieve your maximum CIS refund then call U-Tax. We offer market leading rates allowing you to keep as much of your money as possible.

Our process is quick and simple. We do all of the hard work so you don’t have to.